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Where Will


From the Sahara to the Himalayas, Tahoe to D.C., each year brings someplace new for your family to explore with our family as your guides to 'show you the ropes'. You'll experience the intoxication of forming new neural connections in the colors, language, and flavors of other cultures

Taking Family Travel to


Imagine riding horses across the Mongol steppe, studying martial arts in a Chinese monastery, and connecting with incredible youth & parents around the world.

Our world-class trips focus on personal transformational through mentoring and takes your family travel experiences

to new heights.

Worldschool Academy offers online classes & courses PLUS adventure trips for the whole family -- with our family.






Student/Teacher Ratio

Become the Hero of Your Own Life Story

You, your children, your family -- you're not meant to live a humdrum existence.

You were born for something greater. A higher purpose. A greater cause.

You were born to be the heroes of your own life story...

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A unique approach to education and travel for the whole family: online classes, Socratic discussion, transformational world travel.


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A Curriculum


Online Classes That Will 

Transform Your Life.

After working with youth and parents for 20+ years, we've created curriculum that addresses the needs of today's youth. It prevents failure-to-launch, anxiety, and depression; teaches physical, mental, and emotional mastery; forges character; and helps teens become the hero of their own life story.

Live Online Classes for Parents and Youth

Because of Mr. Denning's class, I have grown closer to the person that I want to be... it has been a major lifeline for me. I originally didn't like the idea of homeschooling but because of teachers like Mr. Denning I have grown to love [it]. I have become a better leader, friend, and family member since I have been in his class... I have learned so much about myself that I didn't even know."

- Briggs, Student -

Thank you so much. Yesterday, we were talking about your positive attitude and she told us your chant you make your family say each morning... started talking about her friend who is super negative and said how she needs a Mr. Denning for a teacher....we then started a new family saying....

"YOU NEED A DENNING IN YOUR LIFE!!" Thank you for being inspiring to both of my girls... We appreciate all you do."

 - Jenni, Parent - 

Wow, I am SO grateful for you and EVERYTHING you've given me! I'm thankful God put you into my life, your friendship and influence continue to teach me in ways that last forever. 

- Aliza, Student -