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You are the Hero of Your Own Life Story

Who is a 'hero'?

HEROES ARE babies, children teens, young adults, moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandmas, grandpas, change-makers, thought-leaders, homeschoolers, disrupters, leaders, philosophers, dreamers; anyone who is drawn to do things DIFFERENT from the way they've 'always' been done when it comes to living life and raising the next generation...

Heroes feel the longing in their heart and soul to live a life filled with meaning as a result of living on purpose and with purpose.


...a hero is basically ANYONE who takes charge of their life and their learning.

It's anyone who embarks on a Hero's Journey

It's anyone who:


  1. is discontent with the 'status quo' and living a 'humdrum' existence, following the path others have plodded.

  2. knows that life is meant to be truly LIVED, not just endured.

  3. feels the 'call to adventure'

Children are born to live this way. Each day is filled with wonder and awe. The dwell only in the present moment.

But the broken systems in society kill these innate gifts.

Everything -- from the way we've been taught to parent, to our factory-modeled education systems -- squelch their natural love of learning and life and 'living in the now'.

Heroes seek to regain it. For ourselves, and for the next generation.

A hero awakens to the truth about who they are, why they are here, and where they are going.

They awaken to the truth about how to have real happiness -- by becoming the molder and shaper of their life and destiny.

And the path to awakening is known as The Hero's Journey. It begins with the 'Call to Adventure'.


Hero's live deliberately. Intentionally.

They don't follow society's path (the road most-traveled) or stay in the 'ordinary world' (aka comfort zone) because others say so.


They discover (or create) their own path because it's the one they were born to follow and is unique to them.

Because a hero believes they have an important life mission. 

They believe there is a 'song' (aka mission) inside that only they can sing (or paint or build or create or invent...)

They learn information, facts, and knowledge NOT because they're supposed to, but because they need or want to know it to help them fulfill their mission.

They know talent and genius are not innate nor based on good or bad luck, but developed through deliberate practice.

They know that WHO they are is NOT set in stone but can be altered and improved. They know this because of their growth mindset.

(They are also careful about using the right words and phrases so they don't inadvertently pass on a fixed mindset to the rising generation.)

Heroes obtain mastery in skills NOT to go to college or get a job, but because it will help them fulfill their purpose for living.

They know that grit and perseverance are the only thing that will develop mastery.

They work NOT to pay the bills, but because they are driven by a higher calling -- a legacy they're building which will live after they are gone.

A hero thinks long-term -- not in years or decades, but in generations.

They ask, "How will what I'm doing today affect my grandchildren and great-grandchildren?"

This is a critical question in a world that focuses more and more on 'me' and 'my rights', 'my interests', my, my, my... 

A world concerned with ease and comfort and convenience.


A world that is distracted and addicted to consuming and comparing.

A world that wants everything immediately or sooner. 

That's not us.

Heroes know that they have a unique mission to fulfill -- but it is a mission that will bless the lives of those around them --it's not a selfish indulgence in personal pleasure.

They know that the path to happiness and success is a strenuous one filled with discomfort and obstacles...


...because it's dangerous in the comfort zone, failure is fertilizer and obstacles ARE the way.

They know that they must have clarity and focus and be free from addiction of any kind to achieve their purpose.

They must create more than they consume. They must never compare or judge...


...unless they are comparing where they are to where they want to go, and where they were last year to where they are today.

Heroes know that becoming a hero is a lifetime pursuit. And that building a legacy doesn't happen overnight.

It's a lifelong project. Like growing an apple tree.


You can plant the seed TODAY, but you can't harvest the fruit.

(Said another way, "You can't change destinations overnight, but you can change direction.")

For harvesting fruit you will have to wait. And work. Years. Decades...

Watering. Weeding. Pruning. Dunging...

...before you might see the 'fruits' of your labor.
But a hero doesn't give up even when the 'fruit' (results of their efforts) aren't there yet. 
Heroes know that the 'slight edge' is working for or against them every day of their lives. So they make EVERY DAY count.

Because it does. TODAY counts.
A hero may never fully understand the impact of their seed-planting...

...or see the thousands of apples and trees that might eventually be the result of small acts of heroism repeated day-after-day.

But that's what being a hero is all about...

...doing what's in your heart. Doing what gives you passion and purpose. Doing what lights you on fire.
Doing the right things for the right reasons because it's who you are and it's the right thing to do... 
...even if it doesn't always make sense...

...even if the world doesn't understand. Because they won't. They can't.

But that's okay.

Because the people who live with passion and are "crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do."

If what we believe and live resonates with you, welcome to the tribe!

We invite you to learn more about our Hero's Curriculum, Hero's Coaching, or the courses and adventures we teach and lead.
You're also welcome to continue the conversation via email by entering your information below! 

Reach Upward!

Greg Rachel Neuschwanstein.png

But chief of all Thy wondrous works,

Supreme of all Thy plan,

Thou hast put an upward reach

Into the heart of man.

- Harry Kemp

Rachel & Greg Denning

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