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An Education for a Global Future

Embark on your own Hero's Journey

Your classroom has no borders and Mastery becomes a life-long pursuit.

An antiquated educational system is being forced to change (homeschooling included!) 'School' should never be the same again, especially if we truly want to prepare the next generation for a future that none of us can predict -- one where the jobs or careers or businesses they'll work at don't even exist yet and will be dependent on technology that hasn't yet been invented...

"...we cannot let schools return to “normal” after the COVID-19 pandemic. This is an opportunity to reimagine instruction and adopt approaches that forever change learning for all students. Let’s learn from what works.. and apply that to rethink what is possible."

"Our current ceiling for students is really much closer to where the floor ought to be."

An Education for the future needs to focus on four OBJECTIVES:

Learning HOW

to Think

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will replace everything that CAN BE replaced. Jobs of the future will be based on skills only humans possess -- knowing HOW to think (not WHAT to think)

Mastery & Skills Specialization

Success in the future comes from becoming really good at the skills necessary to fulfilling your life mission and making a positive impact in your community & the world 

Exposure & Experience

Students should have exposure to as many ideas, activities, adventures & immersive experiences as possible in order to facilitate neural development, creativity, & innovation

Leadership & Mentoring

Personal & Social Leadership skills prepare students to succeed and lead. Mentoring & coaching is how skills mastery is learned & developed and how students are challenged.

"School is about finding your happiness"

Why Finland has the best education system in the world and why the U.S. educational system is failing.

"We try to teach them everything they will need so that they can actually use their brain as well as they can... the children should be baking, singing, doing art, collaborating, going on nature walks..."

"How do we prepare our children for the economy of the 21st century?"

"And how do we prepare them for this global economy?"

"The current system of education was designed & structured for a different age [the Industrial Age]... which included a model of the mind that saw people as academic or non-academic [smart or not-smart]... This model has caused CHAOS [for our children]."

achieving these four critical objectives is done in two ways:

Self-Directed Education Plan

Students work with parents and mentors to identify WHAT they WANT and NEED to learn and HOW they will learn it.

Mentoring & Accountability

Students will work with mentors, guides, and peers who will challenge, inspire, and hold them accountable to keep their learning & growth commitments.



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