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A World-Class Education

for a Global Future

(Beta Test Program)

World School Academy (WSA) is a unique combination of self-directed online or at-home education with accountability from mentors and peers, plus project-based, real-world, portfolio-building learning. We also provide regular in-person challenges, skills development, mentoring, adventure, and experiential learning opportunities.




Only at World School Academy (WSA) do we combine real-world experiential project-based learning with online mentoring, classes, and curriculum.

Students learn how to learn and think, to discover their life purpose and mission, and the skills they need to master in order to make a real positive difference in the world.

We are looking for families & students that are the 'right fit' for the World School Academy culture which is based on purpose, mission, growth and learning, values and contribution, and adventure.

If you feel you are the 'right fit' for this program, we invite you to apply. We have flexible tuition options and even financial aid available.

WSA's Reach Upward APPROACH:

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Holistic Life Education Coaching

Live training for parents & youth to help students create a Personal Study Plan.

Reach Upward

Quarterly adventure, skills development, and leadership camps for parents & youth.

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Discussion &

Students learn critical thinking skills through regular discussions and group dialogues.

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Live Daily Mentoring

Students meet daily with a mentor & peers to discuss daily goals & objectives.

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Project-Based Learning

Students work with mentors and peers on real-world projects to build portfolios.

International Experiences

A couple times per year students have the opportunity to study abroad.

Live Online Classes

Students meet live online twice weekly to learn habits for a successful life.

Home School
Home Learning Framework

Accountability framework to help students stay on task learning from home.

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Works With What You're Doing

WSA works with what you're ALREADY doing -- use as much or as little as needed.

"This is AMAZING!! We are starting our ninth year of homeschool this year and this program is what I’ve been looking for the entire time! We move a lot and my kids haven’t ever been able to deeply connect with many friends. This is the perfect solution."

Your educational philosophy is so spot on! We’ve been... doing some curriculum here and there but the things that have taught the most are impactful books, hands on opportunities, self interests, and travel adventures. A mentor (other than we boring parents 😉) is the missing piece. "

YEARLY Calendar

WSA has a year-round calendar that starts in October and ends in September. There are 4 sessions per year, each lasting 8-10 weeks with approx. 3-5 weeks of break in between sessions. Reach Upward camps and adventures will be held during breaks. Some mentoring ('school') sessions will be spent studying abroad.

* BETA TEST session begins September and continues to December 2020.

** Session 4 (maybe) and Session 1 will be study abroad. If the student cannot participate in the study abroad they will be able to participate virtually and continue meeting with their mentor and peers.

WSA School Schedule.png

Example Daily & Weekly Schedule

(online Class & live mentoring)

*multiple meeting times in different time zones will be offered depending on the # of students in each zone.

Students will meet every morning with their mentor and peers to set goals for the study day using their Personal Study Plan as a guideline (previously created with the help of parents and mentors).

During the day students will work on their plan and then report their progress during Accountability Meetings. Students will have text or video access to their mentor and team partners throughout the day for any questions or concerns that may arise.


* During 'study time' at 9:30, 11:00 and 1:00 students will attend school or other online classes, or utilize another predetermined curriculum.


If nothing has been selected, Greg & Rachel will work with the parents and students to help them identify exactly what the student will work on during each 'study time'. So when it comes time for 'Core Studies' your student will know exactly what to work on (i.e. Khan Academy for 40 min., for 20 min. etc.) Students will be free to use whichever curriculum they would like, and we can also provide suggestions and recommendations.

** One-on-one accountability & mentoring sessions are available for students who aren't able to meet at scheduled times.


Reserve a spot

HOLISTIC LIFE education coaching

(live & online 1-2 times per month)

Parents will meet live online one to two times per month with Greg & Rachel Denning. Parents will work to redefine the definition of education for their family, create an Education Master Vision and Plan, and then work with mentoring their children to create Personal Study Plans.

Greg & Rachel will also work individually with parents to answer questions about specific challenges and obstacles.

Coaching is included when you apply for the program, or parents can join JUST coaching only by clicking the button below.

REACH UPWARD CAMPs, international trips &


(dates are tentative)

More information will be available soon

Enter your name and email below to get updated with costs, itineraries, dates, and more!

Meet Your Mentors

Devon Kelly

Devon is a world-traveling young adult who loves connecting with and inspiring teens. He has been personally mentored by Greg Denning for over nine years. Devon is the Daily Accountability Mentor and Guide. He also participates in and facilitates Reach Upward camps. 

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Greg & Rachel

Greg & Rachel Denning are world-traveling, homeschooling parents of seven children. Married nearly 20 years, parents and homeschoolers for nearly 18 years, they share the tools and knowledge parents need to succeed in educating their children through Home Education Coaching. They also plan and lead international experiences & adventures.

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Greg Rachel Germany Neuschwanstein_edite
  • How do I ask a question?
    Please email your questions to greg @ or click on the 'Contact' page and submit your question there.
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