Your Child's Life... or Their Grades? (aka 'Normal' Teenage Behavior is NOT Normal)

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Which do you value more? Your child's life, or their grades?

This might sound like a crazy story, but it actually happened...

A few weeks ago, my husband Greg received a phone call. It was from a concerned parent. Her son had just admitted to having suicidal thoughts.

Greg gets phone calls like this frequently. TOO frequently.

He's worked with youth for 20-years. Anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideation are increasing. Not to mention 'failure-to-launch. It’s becoming an ‘epidemic’.

So when he received this phone call he wasn’t surprised.

What DID shock him most was NOT that she said her son was considering suicide...

It was the question this mom asked next...

She had already mentioned she thought it would be best to bring her son home (he was currently attending public school and she thought that was contributing to the problem).

Yet after saying that she asked, “But what about his grades? If he leaves now he won’t get credit for the semester.

He couldn’t believe what he was hearing!!!

Her son admitted he’s considering suicide and she's worried about his grades?!


Hearing her say this, Greg thought back to a commitment he made when our kids were young.

He and I pledged that if our kids were ever struggling with something...

...anxiety, self-esteem, drugs, pornography, whatever...

We would do WHATEVER IT TAKES to save them.

To create a ‘pattern interrupt’...

...even if we had to move to Tanzania and live at the top of Kilimanjaro.

Our child's well-being is worth any sacrifice. It's worth more than anything else, including 'good grades.'

But then Greg realized it’s not this mom’s fault she's worried about his grades.

She only wants to do what she believes is best for her son -- ensuring his academic career.

She's doing it because she's been taught that ACADEMICS MATTER MORE than nearly anything else.

That academics will lead to success.

That academics will help her teen live a happy life.

It’s all a lie.

Research shows that academics -- learning and getting ‘good grades’ or staying up to grade level in math, science, language arts, history, et al -- will NOT translate to happiness in life.

Happiness in life -- the ability to become a competent, confident, capable adult -- is determined by a different set of skills (which we're going to share with you.)

But those skills are NOT currently being taught to our teens.

That's because they weren’t taught to us (their parents) either. Which is why many parents are failing to pass them on to their kids.

The result?

An increase in the 'epidemics' Greg's now seeing in today’s youth.

While there is some counsel he can provide for moms who have teens that are thinking about suicide...