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We Are Worldschool Academy

We help families become heroes of their own life story.

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Rachel Denning

I'm the writer, web designer, curriculum designer, and trip planner. I'm also a worldschooling mother of seven children and education change-maker.

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Best Friends

We've been happily married since our wedding day in 2001. We do everything together -- homeschool our kids, build a business, plan epic trips, and travel the globe with our family.

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Greg Denning

Walking anti-depressant and Chief Enthusiasm Officer, Greg leads trips, mentors online classes, and coaches parents. Amazing father to seven and favorite mentor to hundreds of teens.

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Hey! It's Greg & Rachel Denning (founders of Worldschool Academy).

So grateful you're here reading this page!

Have you ever read The One World Schoolhouse by Sal Khan?

If you haven't, you should.

In it, he dives deep into why the old classroom model simply does NOT fit our changing needs.

It's based on a fundamentally passive way of learning. Today's fast-changing world REQUIRES a more active approach.

Yet while the world changes at a faster rate every day, the education system is changing at a glacial pace (if it is changing at all).

Every single day the gap grows wider between the way kids are being taught and what (and how) they actually need to learn.

What's a parent to do?

From the beginning, even before we had children, we decided to homeschool.

After our fourth child was born -- and we had four children under the age of four (!) -- we began our worldschooling journey by driving to Costa Rica.

That was in 2007, and since then we've traveled and lived in 35+ countries on five continents.


Learning languages, exploring castles, ruins, deserts, and beaches, and immersing ourselves in a foreign cultures has been an incredible education for the whole family.